From Our Community. For Our Community.



At a time when it feels like politicians have lost touch with our priorities, our values, and simple common sense, we have a chance to elect a State Representative who understands our communities and our priorities.

Anna Williams is a social worker, teacher, community leader, and a mom who brings people together to make a real difference. Like so many of us, she and her family came to Oregon because there is no better place to live, work, and raise a family.

She is running for State Representative to protect our quality of life, preserve our spectacular natural heritage, and grow our local economy. Anna works as an academic adviser to social work students at Simmons College. Her social work in Hood River and surrounding communities has focused on services to vulnerable seniors, trauma survivors, and veterans. She has also taught middle and high school students in the Hood River, North Wasco, and Dufur School Districts, giving her real-world experience in what students and classrooms need.

Anna’s experience includes building sustainable tourism economies for communities like Hood River and Cascade Locks across Oregon. She also worked in non-profits which focus on safety for women and children, senior services, and health care, building effective partnerships with law enforcement, courts, schools, and public health so that every person in the Gorge can access the basic services they need to survive and thrive.

Anna has the values, experience, and community connection that’s missing in Salem.

This is why Anna should be our next State Representative.

Starting in 2016, Anna teamed with a diverse group of community members to found the Aging in the Gorge Alliance, to align and support efforts to create local solutions to the challenges facing older adults in this rural part of the state.  Anna was then nominated to Chair, responsible for coordinating the work of multiple groups working on transportation, housing, and health care solutions.

Anna has served on other boards as diverse as the Montana Wilderness Association, Little Feet Preschool, and the Senior Advisory Council of the local Area Agency on Aging.

In the summer of 2017, Anna was recruited to serve as an Academic Advisor and instructor for Social Work students from around the country. Working from Hood River for Simmons College, headquartered in Massachusetts, she teaches online courses, provides academic advising, and manages a support group for Military Involved students who are pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Social Work.

Anna has worked hard within the community and across systems for the past 10 years,

Anna has the skills and vision to take the next step in her public service. It is time for Anna!


 Our Priorities.  Real Solutions.



As an educator, Anna understands what our kids and classrooms need. She will work to reduce class size, empower teachers and parents, and stabilize school funding, giving every Oregon child the education they deserve. Specifically, her priorities include:

  • Revise or amend Measures 5 and 50, which have severely limited local school funding and budgeting

  • Make college and career/technical education more accessible and affordable by matching state funds with voter-approved bonds for technology and infrastructure improvements

  • Trust professional educators to provide high-quality education for public school students by reducing the unfunded mandates coming from the Legislature

  • Empower local school boards to meet local education needs by requiring the state to meet the budget set by the Quality Education Metric

  • Invest in school-based health centers using public-private partnerships when appropriate



Oregon has recently made progress regarding gun safety, including the legislature’s recent closing of the “boyfriend loophole” to prevent perpetrators of domestic violence don’t have easy access to guns. But there is more to do. Anna will work to: 

  • Pass common sense gun control like the assault weapons ban and safe storage laws.

  • Build stronger relationships between Law Enforcement and underserved communities and offer training for officers on language, trauma informed care, and barriers to crime reporting

  • Ensure Law Enforcement and Courts are fully funded so they can focus on getting their jobs done

  • Establish a statewide re-insurance program so counties can share the costs for search and rescue efforts

  • Properly fund correctional facility budgets to prevent them from seeking contracts with for-profit entities or ICE

  • Ensure every resident has access to photo identification so they can file a police report, cash a check, and pick up prescriptions

  • Partner with responsible gun owners to craft legislation that reduces gun violence



Anna partnered with businesses to bring sustainable high paying jobs to rural communities across Oregon. In Salem, she will fight to protect District 52’s small business and agriculture economy, which includes carefully managing development to preserve our quality of life. Anna will fight to make corporations to pay their fair share and she’ll be a champion for living wages and affordable housing for all Oregonians. Specifically, Anna will: 

  • Set standards for affordable housing across Oregon which relate to Average Median Income and are deed-protected

  • Create a state fund to pay permitting fees for affordable housing developments to protect county budgets and encourage developers to build affordable housing

  • Protect workers by expanding union representation to non-profit and private sector workers

  • Support prevailing wage for sub-contractors in industries beyond the construction sector



Anna actively supports veterans in accessing education and vital services. And because immigrants are part of the American story, Anna will defend our DREAMers. Rural voters know that if it comes to a crisis, our neighbors will be the ones who we rely on, regardless of how they voted. As a good neighbor, Anna will:

  • Ensure the State Unit on Aging is fully funded to meet the needs of urban, rural, and frontier Area Agencies on Aging

  • Protect students in college and public schools who are recipients of the DREAM Act

  • Ensure state policies for survivors of gender-based violence address the real needs of women and children fleeing violence

  • Meet with Veterans and Veteran Service Officers regularly to assess their needs and how the state can help support them in getting those needs met



To keep healthcare affordable, Anna supports the state’s Medicaid expansion and lowering the price of care and prescription drugs. Anna will defend women’s access to reproductive healthcare. The Columbia Gorge Health Council’s model for healthcare access has become a model for the state. Anna has been a part of this Council and will facilitate strategy and resource sharing among Health Councils across the state. In addition, Anna will:

  • Fight to keep abortion safe and legal for all women in Oregon.

  • Stand up for bargaining with prescription drug companies to reduce the price of prescriptions

  • Work to enhance cost and pricing transparency for healthcare providers, so patients know know much they will have to pay before getting a procedure done at the doctor’s office

  • Protect the Medicaid expansion and the mental health and dental benefits which have recently been added

  • Work to prevent raising insurance costs from crushing small businesses and independently insured workers

  • Seek statewide universal coverage so that every patient becomes a paying patient, protecting people and providers



Anna is a passionate advocate for clean water, clear air, and protecting District 52’s natural beauty, all of which is vital to our public health and economy. Anna’s work with Montana Conservation Voters showed her how a healthy environment is crucial for a healthy economy. Specifically,  Anna will work to:

  • Invest in infrastructure like bridges and greenways which enhance community connectivity

  • Promote public transportation across Oregon, especially focusing on solutions for rural and suburban communities

  • Support the Clean Energy Jobs bill

  • Promote Cap and Invest to ensure the costs of carbon are included in the price of production

  • Encourage regional recycling and waste reduction strategies which reduce dependency on volatile foreign recycling contracts

  • Champion policies that address climate change and climate resiliency, protecting people and economies across Oregon